IBPSA-US recognizes excellence in the field of building performance simulation. Check here for upcoming information on how to submit a project, publication, or professional for an IBPSA-US award.

IBPSA-USA Award Recipients:

2016 (at Simbuild2016, Salt Lake City):

2014 (at Simbuild2014, Atlanta​):

2012 (at Simbuild2012, Madison):

2010 (at SimBuild2010, NYC):

2008 (at SimBuild2008, Berkeley):

2006 (at SimBuild2006, Boston):

2004 (at SimBuild2004, Boulder):

  • Achievement: Fred Winkelmann, LBNL
  • Practitioner: Dan Nall, Flack + Kurtz

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IBPSA-USA Members who are IBPSA-World Fellows:

The following IBPSA-USA members have achieved membership grade of Fellow in IBPSA-World. These members have attained distinction in the field of building performance simulation (or in the allied arts or sciences), by either the teaching of major courses in said arts and sciences, or by way of research, simulation code development, original work, or the application of building simulation on projects of a significant scope. The individual must have been active in the field for at least ten years. 

For the full list of IBSPA-World fellows, please see